One day I met you at the pound

You were a little boy

I took you home, we bonded close

My heart was filled with joy


We ran and played and spent our time

Together hard at play

We had such fun and shared such love

My heart soared every day


For many years I was so sure

You’d always be with me

Forever I’d know happiness

My heart was filled with glee


You grew old and tired and ill

I knew the end was near

I couldn’t stand your suffering

My heart was filled with fear


Then I had to let you go

Your life was far too brief

I missed you and I felt so lost

My heart was filled with grief


It’s was some time since you’d been gone

But each and every day

I thought of you with sadness and

My heart filled with dismay


Some years ago we shared our lives

The ache will never cease

But finally now I can go on

My heart is filled with peace