I Lost My Friend


A day ago I lost my friend

How will I survive

You were so much a part of me

You should be alive


A week ago I lost my friend

I struggle every day

I cannot bear to think that you

Again will never play


A month ago I lost my friend

The pain still runs so deep

I know youíre never coming back

And daily I still weep


A year ago I lost my friend

Amazed itís been that long

Sometimes Iíll look around the house

Then remember you are gone


Decades ago I lost my friend

But I shared other lives

Never did replace our bond

Which through it all survives


A life ago I lost my friend

It seems like yesterday

Memories sweet and meaningful

Have never gone away


I wish I never lost my friend

But life, it does go on

And only through the loss of one

Another sees the dawn


I know Iíll also lose that friend

The pain will start anew

But I would never want to live

Without such friends as you