Tears and Joy


I lost another feline friend

My sadness knows no bounds

Instead of play and happy times

Emptiness surrounds


Each day, each week, each month, each year

Was filled with pure delight

But then the end so cruelly came

All happiness took flight


I donít want to know again

The pain that I now feel

I donít want to take that chance

When I finally heal


I always say that I will not

Open up my heart

And let another creature in

To rip it all apart


But then I wonder why it is

Whenever one has passed

I cannot carry out these plans

To make that one the last


And so my home will fill again

With kitty sounds and sights

When I bring home another one

To share my days and nights


One day the grief will come again

Iíll think I want to die

But all the love and joy weíll share

Is worth the tears Iíll cry


©Susan L. Goodman, 2013