Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


Yesterday we sat together, snuggled in our chair

We walked together, ran together, getting some fresh air

We napped together,played together, happy in our ways

We held each other, loved each other, shared each otherís days


Today I have a broken heart, you passed on in the night

I didnít want to let you go, you put up such a fight

The pain of loss is killing me, but your pain is relieved

And so it is that you are gone, forever to be grieved


I know you did not want to leave, but now Iím so alone

The emptiness surrounding me hurts down to the bone

I donít know how Iíll manage now, but I must find a way

To mourn your loss and figure how to live another day


Whoever thought a little cat could bring to me such joy

Whoever thought the loss of one could just about destroy

Whoever thought that happiness could ever then return

Whoever thought that this would be what Iíd have to learn


Tomorrow Iíll awaken and Iíll wonder what to do

But time will pass and things will change; Iíll see a different view

My heart will heal, and I will cherish memories of you

And Iíll have joy and comfort from our love so pure and true


© Susan Goodman, 2013