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"Fix A Kitty" Low-Cost Sterilization Program for Cats 

$20 Sterilization for cats of low income cat guardians. 

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Animal Guardians of Brevard urges you to adopt animals from shelters and rescue organizations, rather than breeders and pet stores.  Every animal bred to be sold leaves one more animal in a shelter to be killed.  About 50% of the dogs and 75% of the cats entering Brevard shelters DO NOT get out aliveWhen you adopt from a shelter you literally save lives.  That is why we arranged adoption events for local shelters and rescues that resulted in over 2100 adoptions (see pictures).
Shelters are like day-care centers in that communicable diseases spread rapidly.  Most are curable but shelters lack the resources to treat them and those animals are euthanized.  Others are killed due to lack of space as irresponsible owners continue to flood the community with unwanted animals who end up at overcrowded shelters. Did you ever wonder why they call the babies a "litter?" 

Shelter animals make great pets.  Most are already housebroken and they usually come sterilized, up to date on immunizations, treated for parasites, and tested for some major illnesses.  Puppies and kittens are often available, and up to 20% of shelter animals may be purebred, although this does not necessarily make them better pets.  Adopting older animals has additional benefits as you already know how big they will be, what their temperament is like, and more.

Soooo...  Be a lifesaver.  Be an example of compassion to your friends and neighbors.  Find your friend for life at your local shelter.  You can view some of their animals at
2002 19 15 34
2003 111 61 4 176 130
2004 175 25 200 538
2005 215 80 295 599
2006 126 93 9 228 381
2007  220 193 13 426 304
2008 201 131 14 346 129
2009  135 98 0 233 55
2010 112 91 0 203
TOTAL 1314 787 50 2151 2136
*Other = rabbits, mice, snakes, etc


Bob and Mariah, now named Brindy, start life together by enjoying a quiet moment.  Shelter animals make such wonderful pets.

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