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"Fix A Kitty" Low-Cost Sterilization Program for Cats 

$20 Sterilization for cats of low income cat guardians. 

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  Fundraisers  help  Animal Guardians and homeless animals.  Find out more and how you can help! 

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Animal Guardians of Brevard  has supported our local shelters in a variety of ways.  Our president, Mary Peer, and Vice President, Dennis Peer, volunteered many years for SACC and their dedication and valuable input have helped to save the lives of countless animals.  Other Animal Guardians volunteers have also helped out both at the shelter and off-site. 
Animal Guardians had arranged a Low-cost / No-cost Spay-Neuter Program for Brevard County Animal Services Eligible Brevard County residents to get their cats sterilized for $20.  This  program was entirely supported by donations and served to introduce and encourage the County to provide more accessible, affordable sterilization services to its residents.  

The County subsequently provided low cost sterilization through a grant but has not continued since the grant ran out.  We hope they will find a way to again provide this vital service, with or without grant funding, to both save lives and tax dollars in the long run.  

Animal Guardians has donated or procured supplies and labor for physical improvements at SACC including installation of an air purification system, donation of several cages, painting inside the facility, improving the gate-box, and donations of tables, benches, and other such items.    
Animal Guardians has obtained and provided educational materials from credible sources so the shelter can offer a wide variety of reliable information on animal care.  We have also collected and posted statistics from the county database to educate the public about the seriousness of animal overpopulation and its consequences.
Animal Guardians also maintained bulletin boards with pictures of adoptable SACC animals posted at area businesses including Wal-Mart (Purina/Wal-Mart Very Best Pet Network) and on the Petfinder website, a national database of adoptable animals.     

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